WebsiteTravel Global Marketplace Partner With National Dining Guide App, CentraPass

QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND – 8th October 2019 – Adventium Technology today announced their recent partnership with travellers dining guide app, CentraPass. The connection means that agents using travel booking software TravelDesk, will now have the ability to seamlessly connect their customers to hundreds of dining experiences via the TravelDesk portal.

CentraPass are a New Zealand based travel technology business who developed a national dining guide app for travellers. The app, launched in July 2019, equips tourists with recommendations and exclusive discounts for a range of local cafes, bars and restaurants in New Zealand. The development stemmed from recent reports which recorded that “foodie” tourists are, on average, spending 50% more per day than any other leisure tourist.

“Website Travel provides CentraPass with access to key tourism markets in New Zealand and reach in Australia. We believe they’re a great partner to help scale our business”, said John Mika.

TravelDesk is one of the most widely used reseller software systems in APAC for experiential bookings. With over 20,000 tour, accommodation, activity and transport options already available in the system.

“We are focused on expanding our range of content available in TravelDesk and ensuring our agents have access to the greatest range of tours, activities and experiences in the market,” said Adventium Technology’s Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Selina Kelly. “We believe that experiences distribution is the next frontier and partnering with CentraPass helps us solidify our position as a leading provider in experiences distribution in APAC.”

The app doubles as a great value-add for agents wishing to provide their customers with local tips and recommendations while supporting local businesses.