TRAVLR Partner with WebsiteTravel & Adventium Technology to Help Create New Zealand’s Best Travel Platform

Travel platform TRAVLR today announced its partnership with WebsiteTravel Global Marketplace API and Adventium Technology in New Zealand (NZ).

The strategic partnership gives global audiences direct live availability access to NZ businesses and operators connected to WebsiteTravel, as well as geo-located deals for in location customers.

The integration is a strategic addition to a highly sophisticated online travel marketplace that offers mix and match flights, exclusive deals and offers across experiences, hotels, food and beverage, health and beauty and flash sale accommodation offers.

The TRAVLR platform offers a one-stop-shop travel platform with a travel concierge service and a branded native mobile APP for partners enabling New Zealand travellers to access an on-location bible of information, content and geo-located deals whilst travelling.

TRAVLR, the leading online travel platform currently powers some of the biggest New Zealand travel brands platforms including,, Skip Travel, as well as Spaceships NZ and will enable travellers to book direct with suppliers through this new integration.

“TRAVLR is one of the industry’s most disruptive SaaS technology players and specialises in making rich digital content transactional and scalable for businesses globally. Whilst our focus is on improving the experience for the traveller and has been since inception, we are continually evolving the platform to make TRAVLR a solution that meets the commercial realities and demands of all our trade and SaaS partners,” said CEO & Co-Founder Simon te Hennepe.

WebsiteTravel is the engine room behind TravelDesk, MySites and the OTA API housing over 20,000 listings and processing hundreds of thousands of transactions a week. With multiple APIs to partners such as Siteminder, Rezdy, Cloudbeds, IBIS Technology and more, the WebsiteTravel system provides TRAVLR users with live bookings for travel products across New Zealand.

“This development is another important strategic partnership in our portfolio,” said Adventium Technology’s Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Selina Kelly. “It provides our operators with access to an expanded market via the Travlr platform while also streamlining administrative processes and enabling them to understand exactly the origin of these bookings.”

The platform offers a unique opportunity to drive revenue, convert sales whilst also creating an organic user-generated content platform.

Co-founded by Simon and Lani te Hennepe TRAVLR is the second successful travel platform from the duo who launched The Bali Bible in 2008 which boasts over 2 million social media followers and has an extensive customer network as well as being Bali’s number one destination guide.