Queenstown’s Premium Hotels Are Now Using Junction 6 and Travel Desk Booking Systems

Adventium Technology is thrilled with the successful migration of two of our systems into Queenstown’s premier hotel scene, after Eichardt’s Private Hotel and their sister hotel The Spire Hotel, have begun utilising our Junction 6 and Travel Desk booking technologies.

Junction 6 has previously collaborated with some high-profile names in the global adventure tourism sector across Australasia such as AJ Hackett and Stray Australia. The addition of Eichardt’s Private Hotels and The Spire to the fold demonstrates the quality of its reach and the inherent capabilities of our booking software to answer client demands easily.

Travel Desk has been adopted as the front-end, on-selling software for both hotel desk management systems, adding high-speed navigation and efficient real-time bookings to their operating procedures. The hotels are already benefiting from the ancillary features:

  • Accounts payable: streamlining the invoicing procedures, allowing more time for sales
  • KPI and bonus tracking: creating a bonus structure to track staff performance and sending automated calculations for payroll
  • Product reporting: monitoring the sales volume of preferred products
  • Customised checkouts: tracking sales sources via referrer

The migration highlights the fact that hotels are not immune to the rise of the spontaneous travel patterns of today. This has thereby increased the industry demand for relevant, easy-to-use booking systems that provide greater support functions.